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Meet Lisa

Caring. Confident. Discerning. Passionate. Reliable. Realistic. Sincere. Supportive. Wise....

It's OKAY, not to be okay.  I can help you find a way.

Lisa McCraney

These are words used by clients, colleagues, and friends to describe Lisa Gadson McCraney. Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Lisa is a lover of a good back story, interior design, and crime television, snickers bars, and rocking chairs on a rainy day. Above all else, Lisa enjoys connecting with others and seeing others WIN!

Lisa is the Founder and Lead Therapist of Healing Hearts Counseling & Consultation Services and the Founder of LisaSpeaksToo, LLC. As an author, counselor, emotional wellness coach, facilitator, and speaker, Lisa uses her knowledge, wisdom, and life experiences to assist her as she walks with her clients on their healing journeys. Lisa describes herself as an emotional tour guide, a welcomed guest in each client’s journey, who eagerly joins her clients as they explore the difficult seasons of life. Lisa is passionate about helping clients take an honest look at the narratives that guide their day-to-day functioning, gently aiding them in creating new narratives that allow them to live their best holistic lives. 

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Mental Health Matters


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